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  • Tesla battery leveled out a lot of this hi Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt jinx in their state, even the Federal government (conservative) mocked them on behalf of the energy speculators, it’s big business, it’s complicated and the householders should have understood this could and does Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt happen in a shitty market. Does the fine print say “We reserve the right to criminally mismanage the power grid resulting in its complete failure and loss of life but to still massively overcharge you for our failures”? What. A. Prick. How would the consumers know that their electricity provider didn’t take standard precautions required for a storm? Do they need to become Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt experts, go to the facilities, and examine it themselves? been hearing pretty much the same thing from conservatives I know (and comment threads): passing the buck on to the individual who should’ve known better and how everything is always the consumers’ fault and never the businesses.
  • Allowed to operate with little or no oversight or regulation to maximize profits. Texans, seriously? Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt I get the immediate appeal of rugged individualism and the visceral association with “lone star”, but do you really want elected government officials who won’t represent you in your hour of need, who will abandon you in Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt times of crisis if such an avenue is available? I donated to the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez fundraising because I don’t want Texans to suffer life-threatening circumstances regardless of differing political views, but I’d like you to ask yourselves what Gov. Greg Abbot and Sen. Ted Cruz have done for you Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt regarding this crisis and why they deserve your loyalty. Wow … well you wanted limited government … did you expect zero government? Texans need to wake the fuck up and as soon as they are out of this crisis start planning on getting rid of your current leaders. They’ve clearly, and blatantly failed you every single step of the way.

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  • It’s very sad to see Americans treated Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt like this. I never thought that we’d see this from Texas of all places. A state whose pride in itself and its people is a testament to its long history, and yet we are watching a once proud state turning into a failed state in real-time. Dan Patrick thinks your average 22-year old minimum Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt wage worker is smart enough to untangle dozens of paragraphs of legal bullshit written by well-paid lawyers. If someone wants to buy an electric plan that tracks the wholesale price of electricity without price protections, that’s their Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt choice, but they shouldn’t have to read any fine print to figure out the risk they’re exposing themselves to. Now, operating from that perspective, there should be a Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt giant warning when you sign up for one of these plans that you could get stuck with a five-figure electric bill. Or, alternatively, consumers shouldn’t be allowed to buy electricity at wholesale prices anyway for exactly this reason.
  • There are a decent amount of Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt Texans who did not want these people back in power. Our major cities (minus Houston) are all blue counties. San Antonio is ranked the 7th largest city in the country, Dallas is ranked 9th, Austin is ranked 11th, and El Paso is ranked 22nd – all with population sizes that are higher than some state’s total Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt population. It’s when you step outside of city lines into more rural counties that it quickly becomes solely Republican/Jesus-loving land. Billboard-wise alone it feels different. You start seeing religious ones every few miles (And not just Confident 5 Grandpas Motorcycles Shirt “Visit our church” type of billboards. Weird messages like the single word “Repent!”, “Save Wonderful Support Black People 101 Shirt
    your soul from damnation”, “Jesus is coming for his followers. Don’t be left behind!” etc), then you have your political ones fear-mongering guns and abortion (the abortion ones are rough – “How many babies have been murdered today?”, “Babies are an endangered species”, and then the ones that have a very graphic fetus in a hand or being disposed of).

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