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  • Philips Electronics is Delighted 45 Against Sent Us 2021 Shirt a historically Dutch firm that was founded in the early twentieth century and has been a consistent competitor to GE. With 125,000-or-so employees, Philips is global. It does business in more than 100 countries; its scientists and executives speak multiple languages. Unlike GE, Goldman Sachs, GM, or Merck, Philips has little to gain from the favors of Obama and Romney. US News (h/t Mike Marnell) reports that Delighted 45 Against Sent Us 2021 Shirt Philips and the venerable YWCA have pulled their support from the presidential debates because the Commission on Presidential debates insists on excluding Governor Gary Johnson. Manipulation by the pro-Fed establishment is not new. In the Republican primary, the Republicans and the media cheated against Ron Paul. In a letter announcing its sponsorship withdrawal, Philips wrote that it was concerned the commission’s work “may appear to Delighted 45 Against Sent Us 2021 Shirt support bi-partisan” instead of “non-partisan” politics. The YWCA similarly wrote that it was dropping out because it is a “non-partisan” women’s organization. Americans have a diehard bias in favor of the two-party system.

Delighted 45 Against Sent Us 2021 Shirt, Ladies Tee, Long Sleeved, Sweater And Hoodie

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Delighted 45 Against Sent Us 2021 Ladies Tee

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  • Given the Delighted 45 Against Sent Us 2021 Shirt two parties’ performance, the bias is self-destructive. Gary Johnson offers an Overjoyed 2 Rainbow In March Shirt libertarian alternative to twin advocates of Progressivism, whose ideas have caused the real hourly wage to stagnate for the past 40 years, have been responsible for increasing income inequality, have attacked economic innovation, and have cut your standard of living in half unless most of Delighted 45 Against Sent Us 2021 Shirt your wealth comes from stock-and-bond appreciation. The rule that only candidates with 15% or more in the polls can participate in the televised debate evidence the diminution of democracy and freedom in the United States. The United States has become a two-party-based oligarchy chiefly responsive to Delighted 45 Against Sent Us 2021 Shirt corporate interests. Given how infrequently third parties have obtained 10% of the vote, setting the bar at 15% is a clever way to ensure that the presidential debates are limited to unbalanced Progressivism.
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