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  • I understand being pissed if Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt your only option exposed you to the fuckery that is Texas’s unregulated power grid, but if you could have Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt gotten reasonable contract rates and you opted to save .07/kWh when times are good, you made a bad decision. I’m sure people weren’t fully informed that they could end up paying 27$/hour for electricity, but they should have been. But really that Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt shouldn’t even be possible, to begin with. Allowing for wholesale variable rates without insurance or circuit breaker should be criminal. No normal person is going to understand how an event like this can drive prices up 1000%. Especially Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt when it is the providers themselves artificially increasing risk by not doing their damn jobs properly. It’s not “hey, power is more expensive now” it’s “so we royally fucked up…our grid is toast, we can’t import power because we disconnected from the main grid, but don’t you worry we’ll send you what little power we can generate at insane prices with absolutely no forewarning.
  • Hey, I don’t disagree one bit. Wholesale rates to residential consumers make sense if you have Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt a deal where there is a limited upside on the max rates. That way you encourage people to use energy when it’s cheapest, many businesses use energy at night to chill water for daytime cooling. The Texas grid is broken, obviously. And though it didn’t affect me then – apparently plenty of people acknowledged it Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt has broken a decade ago and no one did jack shit to fix it. and this is pretty much how the UK version of the same thing works. If you choose to sign up for it, your rates Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt can vary every 30 minutes (and supposedly it can work out very well if you can restrict what you use in the evenings). But you will not pay any more than 35p/unit, which is roughly 2x what they charge if you go on a fixed rate tariff. And this isn’t in the fine print, it’s in the advertising. What gets me is the prices only went up because the power providers all failed to provide enough power. It wasn’t like the people of Texas.

Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt, Ladies Tee, Long Sleeved, Sweater And Hoodie

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  • Started using 1000% more electric Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt power, there was a fraction of the power being made than there were moments before. All of it due to them failing to properly maintain their equipment. They should eat the Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt cost. The issue with variable rates is the cap isn’t meaningful. Having variable rates encourages suppliers to Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt plan long-term expansions and users to restrict spot usage, but without a cap it also disincentives adding capacity to the grid because at some point you can earn more by reducing capacity (either deliberately- Enron, or through Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt neglect). No amount of extra cost per unit is going to encourage the building of better infrastructure IF building that infrastructure prevents the high unit cost from being realized. Yeah, but every single person I’ve seen on the news complaining about 17,000$ bills used them.
  • If there are other companies that Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt passed on variable wholesale rates I’ve not seen that yet. They could have tried harder, or earlier, but they did send a message saying something like “Yo, shit’s Positive 3 Love Shrimps Shirt. You better get the Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt hell off of Griddy while you still can, because this is clearly going to be a bad fucking ride for everyone involved.” That said: There’s a built-in cap on the ERCOT spot market, Great 6 Skull Chingona Shirt and it is $9,000/MWh, and things stayed pegged at that cap for days for some folks.  I agree that there should be a cap, but having it be ~10,000% over what some folks were used to paying is as absurd as the multiple generating station failures and intentional lack of interconnection to other grids. decided to ignore a warning from federal regulators issued 10 years ago that its power plants needed to be upgraded or they would not be able to churn out electricity in extremely cold conditions—the kind the state saw last week.

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