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  • I hate that sub Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt because people always use it for things that can easily be explained by oversight. like designers are such geniuses that everything they do is always on purpose. that’s ideally the case but usually, they’re just people too and don’t have too many other people who check their work before production. if it were up to that sub every typo would be a secret message or something. I love your username. So Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt I checked your posts to see if you were in a band with that name or anything, and then I saw your chiseled-out-thumb-knuckle and threw-up in my mouth a little. Yeah, I bought a shirt once that had some white swirly abstract decorations at the bottom which looks way too much like a cum shot when I put it on, directly on my crotch… Zero clues. Designs sometimes don’t seem like it would look like anything until it’s put on a human body I can see someone thinking hey cool shirt and not even occurring to them.
  • I would assume they Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt knew because when I first saw the shirt before it was on a body I instantly assumed it was a monster dong joke shirt. Many have been done before. Basically, you see the record player then you see the monster dong and your brain makes the stop the music record scratch sound as you think “hold up, that’s a giant penis”. Is that not the point of the shirt? now it is, I guess. But originally it was probably just an Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt cool record photo, they put it on a shirt, and just like OP they didn’t see anything weird. OP only saw the dong after wearing it. That seems unlikely to me. It seems to be an intentionally crafted joke. The record player is part of the joke. The joke wouldn’t work as well with another random appliance that had a monster dong. I hate that sub because people always use it for things that can easily be explained by oversight. Exactly why I unsubbed years ago… the subtlest optical illusions in a logo and they knew every time.

Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt, Ladies Tee, Long Sleeved, Sweater And Hoodie

Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Hoodie


Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Sweater


Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Long-Sleeved


  • Um, you guys realize these were Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt designed by someone’s 55-year-old small-town church-grandma, right? no, but I have enough brain cells to realize if OP looked at this shirt and didn’t see anything wrong with it, and in fact, though it was cool enough to buy, whoever designed this Wonderful Tom Brady Elderly 2021 Shirt (must probably software and not a person) also missed the dong. but you know, not everyone has that many. Well isn’t it exactly like the picture? The only thing mildly infuriating is someone buying it than complaining. Did you assume this shirt’s cut was way different from every other shirt? Why would anyone assume there Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt could be anything not terrible about this awful shirt? I kind of like it, think I have a new business strategy for getting people to glance at my junk at least twice. Just maybe be careful if you pass by any playgrounds or find yourself in a Gymboree for whatever reason. Fun fact: Gaze tracking studies show that men generally look at genitals when seeing someone (or something, we also do it for animals).As serious as the images of metal duck.
  • He’s clearly upset because Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt he hangs in the direction of the ad, not his mirror. But it’s pretty obvious what it would look like when you look at the promotion picture. It’s not like they tried to hide that it looks like you have a giant and misshaped penis. Sure it doesn’t take much imagination to see this coming but I think it looks a lot more obvious when you see it on a person.I could totally imagine someone ordering this Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt and not seeing how it looks dirty until they put it in. Well yeah but that’s what the picture on the left looks like. I think their point is that surely they should’ve realized what it would look like before they bought it. Agreed. Like I’ve recently bought a shirt without thinking about how it would look on my figure (my bust tends to eat or distort anything printed on the front) but I recognize it was my fault. I’m actually surprised by the quality of the print because the listing looks so edited. Seriously. This is like those Amazon reviews that are like, “I bought knitting needles because I wanted to knit.

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