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  • These were Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt always the worst things to fold back together for the sales floor, for obvious reasons lol. All of that crap is used to make the shirt presentable for purchase, without most of that crap the shirt would need to be pressed before you could wear it. You still have to press it unless you want a huge crease across the middle of your abdomen and two matching vertical ones over your nipples. They still come with all that packaging, it’s Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt just the employees who take it off in that case instead of the customer. But yes, a lot of these things are important for presentation. If you’re doing a bunch of these to a store in a box, they’re going to get smashed and jostled. Without most or all of these things, the shirts get wrinkled and flattened. They’ll Overjoy Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt look terrible on the shelf. And let’s be honest – How many of us buy a new shirt because we rarely wear this type of shirt, and our “other shirt” isn’t ready to be worn immediately? That shirt gets produced at the other end of the world, shipped to the store.
  • You wouldn’t buy an Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt crinkled and wrinkled shirt from the store because they tried to save that bid of waste afterward. So no, while being single-use trash, it’s definitely not useless. The items AREN’T useless, however, they ARE superfluous. They have Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt used, all that stuff keeps it packaged nicely so it appears professional and customers choose based on that. Those items ARE superfluous in that they are NOT required for the object to function as it is intended. That CONCLUDES this pedantic fucking post where I capitalize WORDS I would annoyingly emphasize in the Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt conversation, please have some fun in the comments after this! You can recycle most of that so it’s not too bad. Paper packaging for goods is the best we can do. it is things with a lot of unnecessary plastic that we should be shaming.

Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt, Ladies Tee, Long Sleeved, Sweater And Hoodie

Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Ladies Tee

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  • Even plastic that could be Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt recycled often isn’t but the paper is Positive 3 Love Shrimps Shirt very easy to recycle useless? You get a free priest collar, an airplane/robot coloring card, a tiny plastic poker, some nice wrapping paper, two tags, four little metal dancing things, some nice push pins, a stretch collar for if your neck is freakishly large, and safety glasses for your cat. The last retail job I had was at a clothing store. Customers would open Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt the men’s dress shirts to look at them, and then we’d have to repackage them. It was hell. I’d just stick them on a hanger and place them somewhere else. Pro-tip. You can use that little X with hat-shaped bits of metal as tie clips for the backside if your tie doesn’t have a like-holder thing. I dunno if these are “useless.” They help the shirt keep its form during shipping and on store displays. They also keep the shirt wrinkle-free in case you need it immediately. In the world of retail, there are far greater offenders when it comes to pointless/excessive packaging.
  • This is Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt why I loved buying shirts from Uniqlo, none of that shit. and no scary pins to poke you with. I don’t care if it’s wrinkled. I’m gonna launder it before I wear it anyway. Now now, useless? These are absolutely essential! how would you know you’re buying high quality unless you waste 30 minutes unwrapping it? It’s packed like this to preserve the collar and cuffs. And it’s nice to know no one else tried on the shirt before I bought it Overjoyed  Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt. Sure it can be repackaged but that can be easily spotted by multiple pin marks.” Useless,” sure, but I can tell you as somebody who works in retail, product appearance means way more than people want to admit. You’ll be surprised how long some things sit on the shelf because somebody unwrapped them, even if they’re in Overjoyed Home A Nurse 2021 Shirt perfect unused condition. I work a retailer that sells lingerie, and two years back they decided to switch to a specialty hanger that actually allows you to see how the lingerie would sit on a body form.

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