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  • Quality is always terrible. It’s like how a middle-class person can buy Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Shirt quality shoes and they last for a few years, and if they’re good enough they can even be repaired. But a poor person, like myself, has to keep buying a new pair of shoes every few months. And even then my feet always hurt because the shoes are shit. But hey, it’s what I can afford. They are kid’s shoes, they grow out of them in a Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Shirt year if not a bit less. And to be honest, with the way the kids run around and not taking care of them generally, the pair of Nike of Adidas will wear out just as fast. Can’t bust balls on someone’s crappy Fortnite t-shirt when you’re wearing Shaqs too, my dude. It sounds like it’s as likely a business model to sell 120 million pairs of shoes and make a lot of money. I wore a Shaq shirt when I was a freshman in high school.
  • They did t have Walmart when I was little, but they had “mickeys” (no-name cheap sneaker) from Thom McCain’s. If he was a philanthropist all of that money would go back into helping those people. It’s not bad for kids who are going to grow out of them in less than a year. We’ve purchased my son a few pairs of Shaqs and other cheap Walmart shoes. He likes them well enough and before long needs something new anyway. I tried wearing Walmart shoes as an adult though and they were ass. The feet hurt, shoes didn’t last long. I bought proper shoes a few months ago, now it’s a matter of getting them through to about 2022. They’re kids’ shoes so I don’t expect them to last as long as my shoes. My kids outgrew any shoes I bought from Walmart before they ever had a chance to fall apart.

Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Shirt, Ladies Tee, Long Sleeved, Sweater And Hoodie

Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Hoodie


Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Sweater


Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Long-Sleeved


Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

  • Little kids outgrow their shoes 2-3x a year, so I never saw the point in spending a lot of money on Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Shirt their shoes. They are going to outgrow a pair of $20 Walmart sneakers just as fast as a pair of $100 Nike sneakers. I think the Confident 4 Roll 18 Tide Alabama Crimson Tide Shirt is a pretty decent shoe. Absolute next fuckin level, never been done before, losing my fucking brain at how extreme this is! Thank you. Had to scroll to the Marianas trench to find a normal comment. So Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Shirt awesome. Stephan Marbury did a similar thing with his shoes…kept them affordable. Shaq is a good human. Why do people laugh at his brand, as the tweet suggests? Does it seem like a good thing he’s doing? I find it strange that people are praising some millionaires for selling them shit. You’re giving him money. I never wore the shirt again.. that’s my Shaq apparel story. Can we give some love to Stephon Marbury too?
  • That’s the rub. If they’re manufactured ethically they won’t be cheap. If produced ethically and well-made, they’ll be expensive. I had a pair of Shaq’s when they used to be sold at Payless, they were actually pretty dope. Can you make a cheap affordable shoe not made with cheap Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Shirt labor? I’m sure all the shoes you own are handcrafted by high-paid workers. I keep wondering if this is the year my kid will get bullied for wearing Walmart clothes/shoes. BUT we live in a poor community with even bleaker future prospects so most of the kids are wearing them as well. This is in turn making him VASTLY richer than anyone on here could imagine and yet people are clamoring to worship this dude. I don’t get it. When he could have gone to Nike or Adidas and cashed an 8 figure check for hawking $150 shoes.

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