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  • And even then Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt, we all saw Canelo lose the first fight, it’s not hard to imagine why this went into their calculus during matchmaking. The fact that Canelo was too small for years right before jumping up past that weight class to Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt come back down to it to fight GGG shows just how much shit that all was. Also, Canelo had been fighting at middleweight for a while at that point, he just usually had a catchweight negotiated, but he was a middleweight and he wasn’t super small for division or anything. I went over some of this in another thread, but the claim that Canelo waited on GGG to “get old” is one of the most overblown narratives around. People are acting like it’s standard for unification to happen ASAP when that Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt kind of fight can take time to negotiate and build up. The whole situation in which Canelo was faced with the threat of being stripped was an example of the WBC overstepping their boundaries.
  • To Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt backtrack: After Cotto defeated Martinez, it’s obvious the WBC was looking for an angle to get the belt in the hands of GGG who was seen as the future of the division, so they installed him as the mandatory even though he was already champing under a different organization and increased the purse bid split to an inflated 40%. Bear in mind, this was before GGG had even faced Lemieux so there’s no way he was deserving of Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt such a large share, and Cotto would have to fool to agree to those terms when he was able to get a far more lucrative deal in a far more marketable fight vs Canelo. When Canelo defeated Cotto, he inherited this BS scenario except with an even more unfavorable condition in Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt that he was allowed only a 6-month window to come to terms even though it takes two sides to get a unification done. Not even a lowly regarded newly crowned champions are put in that situation.

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  • By doing Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt so, the WBC was effectively giving all the leverage to an Overjoyed Cats Paw Prints 2021 Shirt different organization’s champ over their own, because GGG was facing no kind of pressure from his end from the WBA, so he could afford to hold out knowing, that either way, he’d be guaranteed an inflated split in a purse bid that was far above anything he could command on the open market or a vacant belt he did nothing to earn. Not Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt surprisingly Canelo dumped the belt so that he could be free to negotiate as the A-side, and the two sides remained in negotiations until a deal was hammered out. For the record, GGG from his end, isn’t a guy known for jumping on first offers – he later turned down a huge +40% split for the rematch – but even if everything was agreed upon from both ends ASAP, the earliest that fight would have happened was May ’16. It ended up being made for Sep ’17 which is Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt in no way an unusually extended amount of time for unification.
  • And no Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt doubt that fight became more marketable in the buildup as both fighters continued their momentum: Canelo entered that fight coming off a +1M selling PPV vs Chavez and GGG came off his highest-profile matchup vs Jacobs. As far as GG being over the hill, top fighters in their mid-30s aren’t uncommon at middleweight, and GGG had a late-career trajectory and was well preserved with only 37 total pro fights, most positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirtthem against guys there to be knocked out. The guy was undefeated coming off his best win and the betting favorite in both fights. So it’s pretty absurd to knock Canelo for going in there as the betting underdog against an undefeated champ and effectively turning the tables on Positive DSP Mom 2021 My Daughter Shirt him for a hard-earned but well-earned win, which even Abel gave him props for. At any rate, there are lots of great fights that never materialized or happened way beyond the point of relevance, but here we got the opportunity to watch two p4p fighters face off twice, yet some people still complain about their nitpicking.

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