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Specification: Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt


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  • Sales went up Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt significantly on those products because instead of just being a limply amorphous item on a hanger, it became a more attractively shown piece. Also, for structured items like high collars or certain kinds of shoes, those spaces are Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt necessary to allow the product to stray crisp and maintain shape, especially if they’re transported a lot and risk being squashed somehow. Coming from the same person who would complain about the quality of the product (wrinkles, creases, etc) if this stuff wasn’t holding it in place agree that there’s got to be a greener way to package dress shirts – but there is the reasoning behind it…as shitty as it seems. I always like the packaging but when I see the waste, even I take a moment to Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt think about the environment. But of course, then I go back to normal life. Maybe we should all start a petition – “we want crumpled shirts”.
  • I absolutely despise it Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt when customers come in, take apart three or four dress shirts to try on cause they’re shaped all weird and then want none of them and bail because the price isn’t as cheap as they want it to be and I refuse to just change the price or ‘cut them a deal. In Japan, they wrap cookies individually, then again, individually with more fancy wrapping, then again in a group, before finally packaging it in a larger box which is then Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt wrapped nicely. Just wait till you see how a South Korean cookie company packages their cookies. Clear plastic wrapped over branded plastic wrapped over a plastic container and each cookie individually wrapped. So step one after buying a shirt in your dream world, off to the iron to completely re-work the collar yourself? Same with water bottles. Used in 10s and dissolves in 1000yrs. Crazy shits. And I bet they have content on their website about how nature saving their production technology is.

Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt, Ladies Tee, Long Sleeved, Sweater And Hoodie

Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Long-Sleeved


Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Hoodie


Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Sweater


  • There has to be a Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt better way!! Forgot the plastic wrapper. Why don’t they Delighted I Do Camp I Save Animals And I Bear 1 Shirt just come on hangers – the store can keep hanger and reuse for the next shirt to display? imagine how much cheaper ben Sherman shirts would be if they just came folded in plastic. what is it trying to be? Charvet? The tissue paper is to protect the garment from dust and moisture etc, the clips and cardboard hold it in place and keep its shape so you don’t need to have pressed before wearing it. What about a nice reusable hanger? Far less waste and I have a feeling the moment 99% of these shirts get Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt home, they go on a hanger anyways. So what’s the difference?“Crumpled up in a heap” or meticulously folded with cardboard accouterments, are those my only options? I’m going to go on a limb and hope for a good middle ground. e.g. see all women’s clothing. I have paid more for a shirt hanging on the rack just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the unboxing and horrible creases. Women’s dress shirts come with those accouterments, too, not to mention how much comes with shoes.
  • I admit, I try to Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt get nice shirts cheap and when I shop at Burlington or Ross the shirt section is in shambles when I get there but when I leave the 17 1/2 section is f#cking pristine and in perfect order. I remember years ago I went to a Burlington that was in perfect order, I found the guy who admitted he kept the section like that, and I praised him greatly. I bet if you researched it, you would find a very reasonable use for each of  Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirtthese items. Companies don’t usually waste resources on unnecessary things. For example, that shirt probably would look like crap, and may even have permanent wrinkles, if it isn’t packaged securely, thus the two cardboard pieces on the left, and the clips and pins in the middle. Or maybe, 7% of shirts would have to be discarded for being more vulnerable to that kind of damage. Do you think that having to throw away 1 in 14 shirts would be more wasteful than those cardboard pieces? The tag is helpful in Positive Girls Softball Cloth 2021 Shirt identifying the shirt, if only for the logistics and warehouse staff. Just because it’s not important to you, it might be important to others in the supply chain. ah, useless… You must be an idiot or too poor to buy dress shirts.

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