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  • Sure with the Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt context of Jared being a pedo, it’s creepy, anything he does with children is creepy. But just asking a kid “can I sit next to you” is a totally normal thing for an adult to do. I agree, but it’s what I remember and now it’s creepy. His Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt reason for sitting with the kids (from what I remember) was that other people were speaking about their weight loss as well. Instead of sitting with the teachers/ other adults, he decided to come to sit down with all the kiddos. They gave us tiny kids-sized sandwiches (not even 6 inches, the little circle kind) with only turkey and cheese as options for toppings- I really do remember this because I hated subway and made sure my mom packed my lunch that day. Hehe, not even 6 inches… I was trying to make a dick joke, but it Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt didn’t come off that way. At least you don’t like a subway. I was just reading up about him and his crimes and the dude was telling everyone! Straight up asked his girlfriend to procure her underage cousin and asked a journalist to put a webcam in her kid’s room. It’s like nobody ever heard his story.
  • He ran some porn business that Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt was next to a subway which is why he was always eating there. He was literally just some fat porn addict who was too lazy to cook and people are absolutely shocked he’s a creeper. The videos cost $1 per day and his collection was extensive, the source said. Fogle allegedly downloaded the porn from newsgroups and burned them onto CDs and VHS tapes. Minyanville reported in 2010 that Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt Fogle’s initial interest in Subway came because he was busy running his porn rental business and Subway was located on the first floor of his apartment building. He ran an amateur porn blockbuster of discs he burned… that doesn’t sound shady at all LMFAO. It’s okay to Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt like things that are bad as long as they don’t hurt people. Unfortunately, the subway hurts people by serving them awful sandwiches so I think that makes you a bad person. He also came to my middle school. I remember we had a fundraiser and the winner got to have a limo ride with him.

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  • I don’t Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt remember who won, but I sure feel sorry for them now. Imagine busting your Positive Underestimate Softball 2021 Shirt ass in a fundraiser to win a limo ride with Jared; then when you step into the limo he’s just sitting there with his erect dick out. I lived 2 blocks from the subway that he owned at Indiana University. After the news broke, that subway was never the same. Pretty sure it shut down and nothing is there now, but IDK. How many of Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt those god-awful subs do I need to eat before I get some of that ownership? I think you need to lose about 200 pounds from eating meatball subs and have 4000 pictures of child pornography to get that chance. Subway pre-2000 was better. When they didn’t have that Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt bread that stinks the place to high hell. Just white or brown. Baked on that textured tray that put a |-|- kind of pattern on the bottom. The bread cut from the top and dished out. Meats on wax paper to speed assembly. Turkey was reminiscent of turkey and not cooked turkey slime.
  • The bread, toppings, and meat had a Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt simple delight to them. That taste just doesn’t exist at Subway anymore. It’s all sugar onion soy terribly lucky and 5 pieces of bread but everyone orders the disgusting-smelling one. This comment was rad like pre-2000 subway lol. Fuck that stinky bread. Shits like kryptonite to the nose. It’s still there. The only reason he frequented that subway was that he lived in the apartments above it. I also Relaxed Baby Yoda Police 2021 Shirt lived two blocks away from inLol he spins it as this super-inspirational story yet in reality it was something mundane like “I didn’t feel like going anywhere else.”Apparently, his roommate decided to write a story about him in the student paper, and his story gained attention from there. Walk-in 5 dollars footlong special on the ground floor, and a walk-in cheese pizza special on the 2nd floor. I think they tried to spin it less as inspirational and more as “You can lose 200lbs just by eating at Subway”.

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