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  • It’s a Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt shitload of shirts and if your store is well kept you can fit them in wall cubbies and argue with customers all day about how they can’t open them. I’m adding to the other replies that without this kind of structure the Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt shirts would get fuckin wrecked during shipping. Collars would get messed up, the fabric would be wrinkled to hell, etc. Without some kind of packaging, there would need to be some fairly intensive handling at the store to bring the shirts back to life. Not ideal, but that’s the reality of mass production and shipping over long distances. They do come this way, but people need to try them on. Our shop used to have a ‘try on’ shirt to try for size but tbh it was years old and pretty gross so I would just let people take one of these folded ones off Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt the shelf and then spend 20 mins putting it back together after (when I started… got it down to a couple of mins after a few weeks).
  • Retail, in general, creates more Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt waste than you might ever imagine. All because consumers can’t take a dented box or scratched packaging. Also, because some people like to take things without paying for them. There are boxes inboxes. This is due to customers seeing a bent corner on a box, and thinking they need a discount, or that the contents are damaged, so, again, they need a discount. Products with plastic packaging come shipped in Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt plastic bags so that the plastic packaging doesn’t get scratched during shipping, with pieces of cardboard between the items. At a previous job, I had a customer ask to take a product out of the box to see it. I obliged, even though we didn’t normally break a seal.

Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt, Ladies Tee, Long Sleeved, Sweater And Hoodie

Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Hoodie


Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Sweater


Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Long-Sleeved


  • Then, she wanted to Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt put it back, and take the sealed box! I was all, what are Amused 4 Love Seagulls Birds Shirt doing? “I don’t want the open one.” You bloody opened it! Aren’t you going to open that one when you get home? Just going to set the unopened package on the shelf in perpetuity? Oh, she took the one she opened. Again, shoppers are strange. To be fair, my TV box had a dented corner and sure enough, it Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt was permanently tinted greenish-blue in that corner. Back to Costco and thx for the easy exchange. It was a surprisingly small crush. Honest question: should I feel dumb or bad for not wanting the pair of sunglasses that were on display? For the last pair, I bought I asked that they order a new pair because I didn’t want the pair that had been handled by the public and tried on by who-knows-how-many people.
  • They had a Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt with no other pairs in stock. If it’s something with moving parts or a limited life-span then you should get a discount on the display, as it is now used and has less life remaining. For sunglasses that part would be the hinge, which has now been stressed more than a new pair. Nah bro you’re in the right not to buy the display ones since you don’t know who touched them. It has wear and tear so it should be discounted. I worked retail for Surprised Thomas Jefferson 2021 Shirt for nearly 5 years, and a few of the stores I worked for sold men’s shirts. When someone wanted to try on some button-downs, I had to take all these items out for them. Then when they were done in the fitting room, I was responsible for putting the shirts back together with all those items.

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