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  • Had those Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt morons not taken their shirts off and made clowns of themselves behind him, they could’ve stayed in the ring longer. Makes even more sense how pissed he might be. Friendly to these kids, and they have the nerve to Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt step all over his hospitality later like that by jumping into the ring. Looks like it was two guys associated with Ben Askren’s team. The one guy had a picture of Paul’s bloody face from a sparring session, and the other had Askren’s face on his shirt. Have no idea what the clipboard was for. The Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt clipboard makes them look more official maybe. Like a hi-vis vest on a construction site, a clipboard can make you look like you’re supposed to be there. I’ve never heard Canelo speak English. It’s always Spanish. Before this Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt fight, Salt Bae’s Instagram had Canelo in the locker room and that was the first time I heard him speak English. Sounds good.Disrespectful as.
  • Whoever is Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt controlling who in the ring has no respect for Canelo and should be fired. That’s his moment where he has to do his own policing! He should have knocked both guys out because they surpassed all securities and the only one that identified them as a threat was Canelo. Canelo must learn to have the confidence to speak in English in front of the live camera as Manny Pacquiao did back then. He should not be Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt ashamed, I heard Canelo a few times answering interviews in English and he’s really good at it. I’d love to see him just put an absolute beating on Paul so the whole thing can stop. Get that idiot out of the sport the good old-fashioned way. What a turnaround. I’ve gone from having a Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt with particular distaste towards him to him being quite possibly my favorite all-around fighter in the space of about two years. As an aside, has anyone seen Paul’s response video? I came across it without actively seeking it out and, well…

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  • I guess this is Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt the endgame. One of the Relaxed Dungeon Meowster 2021 Shirt freak show imports fighting a fighter with a pedigree and getting killed for it. I don’t think Canelo would stoop to that level though. OK. Well, it was that you tuber’s face. Not that guy. I get it you love dead druggies, but they’re trying to promote that YouTube dude. They even posted about it. One yep. Why do teenagers always think that Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt “being random” is somehow cool? I was that way. Big time. And I cringe so hard now. Now, it’s more like “be a normal human being, you can be weird on your own time”.Their brains grow a shit ton of extra neurons and they spend their days exploring and making connections with them. And then Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt you spend the next 10 years pruning the connections between the ones you grew. Yes, you feel smarter, but on the other hand, you’ve actually just learned to be embarrassed by being fun. It’s actually kind of sad if you’re aware of what’s really going on. These years should not embarrass you.
  • There’s a Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt biological compulsion to leave the nest that usually takes the form of doing the opposite of what your parents do, dressing as different from them as possible and being involved in counter-culture while finding your own identity. I remember being that way well into my 20’s until my younger brother said (randomly, ironically) that “different isn’t better, you know”.Weird how something that changes your life outlook can Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt be something so small and kind of not even noticeable at the moment. This is giving me “scene/emo kids in 2006 living In a town of 200 people and having nowhere to take your MySpace pics other than the gas station on the edge of town because your mom wouldn’t drive you 30 minutes to Davenport to take brooding alley selfies and your so mad at your mom about it that you write in your black diary you got from Hot Topic that time you walked in after a Wonderful Jesus Savior Trump 2021 Shirt family reunion where you had to wear a cowboy hat and jeans and do a line dance at one point and you’ll never forget how cringy that was, all while avoiding the irony that you yourself, are pretty cringy” vibes…Black diary from Hot Topic…

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