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  • You are doing what you have to do to survive, and helping your Wonderful Support Black People 101 Shirt girlfriend in the process. I hope this brings you two closer, and when/if you have kids you remember this when they are in Wonderful Support Black People 101 Shirt a bad spot. The one silver lining is more family time for you and your mom. Just be careful on the savings part. I dealt with the same thing back in 2008. Burnt through most of my savings from then till 2010, towards the end I got a good job again. But I was never able to replenish my money coffers. Sucks looking back on it because. I could have done so much with that money. Yeah, man. A lot of us are dealing with it. 35 no wife or kids here. I’m losing it, but I’m not stupid enough to think my mental stability should cost someone’s life or potentially getting sick myself and something happening to me. We give a lovely.
  • Yeah, heard that 6/7 months ago. Just a few weeks bro. The happy Wonderful Support Black People 101 Shirt six-month anniversary of flattening the curve! The hugely idiotic part of that statement is the fact that a flatter curve is a longer curve. Asking for a flat curve is asking for a longer lockdown. Did you really not notice that there wasn’t a massive nation-wide shortage of respirators available when they were needed, like in Italy? That’s exactly what happened, though. Just until 2022 bro. You can handle a couple of years, can’t you big boy? Stop being so selfish, we’re talking about human lives here. Just a few more years until 2197, friend. Then the remaining 200 humans that did not die of muscle atrophy can go out and live. You don’t want to be selfish, right? We need to lock down for 2-3 weeks. There are more countries either currently facing the 2nd wave or are still locked down than not.

Wonderful Support Black People 101 Shirt, Ladies Tee, Long Sleeved, Sweater And Hoodie

Wonderful Support Black People 101 Sweater


Wonderful Support Black People 101 Hoodie


Wonderful Support Black People 101 Ladies Tee

Ladies Tee

Wonderful Support Black People 101 Long-Sleeved


  • My boyfriend and I are about to move in with my dad and my Wonderful Support Black People 101 Shirt stepmom at the end of the month. I didn’t get laid off, but I’m a personal trainer and have only had 3 clients for months. the real kicker is one of them just Perfect Be You Damaged 03 Shirt got diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at 48 years old. I can’t make ends meet anymore. There is nothing insane about the past year. Terrible things are happening all the time in the world, we just don’t often experience it personally. You can say ignorance is bliss, but there is really little excuse this day in age to be ignorant. After covid and, the wealth disparity is going to go through the roof. I work in Silicon Valley and I know most of the people around have gotten extremely rich after covid. My stock options have gone through the roof since most of this stimulus went to the stock market.
  • Also, we are not spending any money on discretionary items so literally, expenses have halved. Also, work in tech, can Wonderful Support Black People 101 Shirt confirm, got a 50% raise during all this. This is the best. Consider it the royal you, then. My point stands. Ha, here I thought coastal LA is expensive, apparently not. Wait, you told your friend to move out? Constantly exposed? Have they gotten COVID yet? I’m glad you have your mom and I’m sure having you guys around is healthy for her mental health too. Now more than ever we need our families, so take care of each other. Hey living with Mom beats a homeless shelter any day. Covidcels have had the hardest time with this. Look into investing in the future my good. Wear that mask though and keep those lockdowns in place. There’s be bodies piling up in the streets, just like Italy and Sweden. And ‘just for a few weeks stop being so selfish.

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